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OSX Screensaver emulation with Canvas: That's Bean

OS X has a pretty little screensaver which takes a bunch of images and 'drops' them, spinning, onto the screen. Think of it like scattering photographs onto a table, one at a time.

Naturally, there's a desperate need for a JavaScript/Canvas port of this functionality, resulting in the following:

I had to limit the video capture framerate a bit so the video makes it look less smooth than it actually is. Check it out running in your own browser here.

For obvious reasons I have called the code behind this Bean, and it's all available up on Github.

For the curious, here's a little explanation about how it works. Bean starts off with a blank canvas and a list of image urls, which it preloads before getting started. It then drops one image at a time, rotating it as it goes. Each falling image is called a Plunger, because it plunges.

Each Plunger gets a random position and rotation to end up in, and takes care of drawing itself to the canvas on each frame by calculating its current size and rotation as it falls away from you.

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