Full Stack Engineering & Stuff

I'm an experienced full stack software engineer with a passion for UI.

I also love DIY, especially doing projects on my house.


import { ed } from 'England'

ed.improveWith('Natalia', 'Gandalf');

function EdSpencer() {
  return (
    <Engineer specialties={["Full Stack", "AI", "UX"]}>
        expert={["TypeScript", "JavaScript", "HTML", "CSS"]}
        conversant={["Python", "C++"]}
        expert={["React", "Node", "Next.js", "Tailwind CSS"]}
        conversant={["GraphQL", "PostgreSQL", "terraform", "Docker"]}
        areas={["Cyber Security", "Frameworks"]}
      <Embraces cicd={true} iac={true} />

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Stuff I've been working on lately

Technologies I'm good at

I've been writing JavaScript, HTML & CSS for 20 years. Along the way I've gotten good at UX, AI, IaC and CI/CD. My go-to's are TypeScript, React and Prisma, CICD'd to the cloud.

TypeScriptReactHTML5 Amazon Web Services

Platforms I'm experienced with

I've deployed large scale applications to AWS and Google Cloud, using terraform, kubernetes, and docker to create scalable architectures from the ground up using CI/CD and IaC.

I'm fluent with GitHub and GitLab CI/CD pipelines, and know how to get my code into production quickly and with high quality.

Amazon Web ServicesGoogle CloudMicrosoft AzureVercelGitHubGitLabOpenAIHeroku

Languages I use

I've been programming with JavaScript since long before it was cool to do so. These days I'm a TypeScript fanboy, but I still love JavaScript. I'm also a big fan of React, Next.js, and Tailwind CSS.

I've also been written my fair share of Python, mostly using it for AI projects. I've used C++ for some embedded systems work, and hate Java. Well, dislike anyway.

TypeScriptCSSHTML5 Node JSPythonC++