Ext JS 3.2 beta out today

We pushed out a beta release of Ext JS 3.2 this morning. Although we’ve marked it as beta, it’s a pretty solid release and we expect to release a final version shortly. The DataView transitions are especially fun – watch this space for a fuller example…

Here’s a quick rundown of the features we added:

One of the big projects we’ve undertaken that most people probably won’t find so exciting is ramping up our internal QA efforts. Our unit test coverage has increased dramatically in the past couple of months, and we’ve built infrastructure to run all of our tests on every browser/OS we support in a fully automated fashion. Doing TDD on Ext JS is an awesome feeling.

I’ll talk more in the future about what we’re doing internally to ensure the quality of our code, framework performance and rendering.

10 Responses to Ext JS 3.2 beta out today

  1. Can’t wait to see Ext JS TDD working. Congrats to Ext JS team for the good work!

  2. Donald says:

    Re: Multiple sorting and filtering on Stores

    Has the Team considered having multiple sorts but holding shift and clicking the column header to apply the sort? Instead of having a toolbar? would seem more natural to use the column header to apply a sort, holding shift to combine sort just seems more natural.

  3. Donald says:

    BTW…great work!

  4. Radu Brehar says:

    Great work! Nice to know that tests have been included in this ExtJS version. Will the testing framework be available and have a documented API for end-users so we can use it in writing our own tests?

  5. Ed Spencer says:

    @Donald we haven’t decided on the default behavior for that yet, but what you suggest would be easily doable. It’s mostly a matter of how to do you represent the sorters and their ordering to the user

    @Radu we’re thinking about that. We rolled our own Ext-like testing environment so it would need to be polished before any release.

  6. andy says:

    i found extmvc on your github and i’m looking for a sample app with extmvc or documentation for it, but i didn’t find something (i looked at extmvc.com but no extjs is included in its html source).

    also does extjs plan to release extmvc?

    thx and sorry for being off topic.

  7. Ed Spencer says:

    @andy Ext MVC is an experimental project I worked on for a long time before joining Ext. It seeks to bring a more MVC-like approach to writing Ext applications. As this is the direction we’re taking Ext JS in now anyway, I’d probably advise against using it as you’d need to radically change your app when upgrading to the next version of Ext JS.

    That said, feel free to poke through the source code if you want a few hints about what’s heading your way in Ext JS 4.0 πŸ™‚

  8. andy says:

    good to know that extjs is in the right direction to take over the world πŸ˜‰

    but when looking at the roadmap of 4.0 nothing is mentioned of mvc (or the “new” direction), nor a release date.

    since i’ve to use extjs until 4.0 i’ve to do some dispatching of uris maybe directly to xtypes. is this recommendable?

    it feels like a little bit of an overhead when using extmvc for the separtion of m, v and c cause the extjs components are already eventdriven and then there is ext.data, which gives me enough separation, but i’m still investigating …

    what do you suggest?

  9. Ed Spencer says:

    The 4.0 feature set is not finalised yet and I don’t want to commit to any particular list of items until it is. I’ll release information about this as soon as I can…

  10. TommySon says:

    Very good! Extjs

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