2010: The year Ext JS takes over

On January 1st 2010 I officially joined Ext JS to take over the role of lead developer. After living and breathing Ext for the last 3 years I am delighted to have joined the company itself. Ext JS has lead the way in developing rich client side applications since the very first release; this is a tradition we will continue and build upon.

2010 is going to be an extremely exciting year for Ext JS. A new focus is being placed on helping developers create their applications much more quickly, with the help of advanced creation tools and a standardised application architecture right out of the box.

We will continue the performance improvements started in 3.1 to make sure that Ext applications really fly. Ext JS 3.2 will be the fastest, most stable version ever released.

2010 is also the year that Ext JS becomes much easier to learn. With a completely reinvented learning section, Ext will no longer take months to learn and understand - even our API documentation will get a facelift.

The upcoming Marketplace will be the perfect venue to find and share new, high quality components created by our awesome developer community. Think of the Marketplace as the App Store for Ext JS - full of great offerings that are easy to drop in to any application.

Calling all able-minded Ext JS developers

Ext JS is already the best JavaScript library in the world for creating rich, desktop-quality applications on the web. If you want to help us make it even better, I want to hear from you.

As well as creating new components and improving our application support, we need people to help us maintain the quality and stability of what we already have. If you're intimate with Ext and think you have what it takes to get involved, drop me a PM and introduce yourself.

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