Introduction to Ext JS 4

At the end of last 2010 we capped off an incredible year with SenchaCon – by far the biggest gathering of Sencha developers ever assembled. We descended on San Francisco, 500 strong, and spent an amazing few days sharing the awesome new stuff we’re working on, learning from each other, and addressing the web’s most pressing problems.

Now, we’re proud to release all of the videos from the conference completely free for everyone. You can see a full list on our conference site, where you’ll find days worth of material all about Ext JS 4, Sencha Touch and all of the other treats we’re working on at the moment.

Some of the videos in particular stand out for me – Jamie’s Charting and Layouts talks were spectacular, as was Rob’s Theming Ext JS 4 talk. On the Touch side, Tommy’s talks on Performance and Debugging are required viewing, as is Dave Kaneda’s characteristically off the cuff Theming talk.

My personal high point was standing in front of all of you and introducing Ext JS 4 and its three core goals – speed, stability and ease of use. I think you’re going to love what we’ve done with the framework in version 4, but for now I’ll let the video do the talking:

If you’re so inclined, you can find the slides for this talk on slideshare, and if you can still stand the sound of my voice check out my other presentation on Ext JS 4 Architecture, focusing chiefly on the new data package (slides).

7 Responses to Introduction to Ext JS 4

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  3. Yong says:

    Hi Ed Spencer,

    Is there any IE memory leak test on Ext4?
    We’ve used Ext2 and found there are serious IE memory leak.


  4. Ed Spencer says:

    Hi Yong,

    We spent a lot of time working on IE memory leaks for Ext JS 3.1 – sounds like you would get a lot of benefit upgrading to either 3 or 4 in that respect (of course I recommend waiting for 4.0 final). We blogged a lot more detail about it here.

  5. harvys says:

    Hi, Extjs 4 or Vaadin?

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  7. Alan says:

    O HAI

    Any plans on porting the ExtJS3 docs/examples to ExtJS4 idioms? It’s a bit sad to find great examples and then check the source only to realise it’s implemented the ExtJS3 way despite using ExtJS4.

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