Sencha Touch tech talk at Pivotal Labs

I recently gave an introduction to Sencha Touch talk up at Pivotal Labs in San Francisco. The guys at Pivotal were kind enough to record this short talk and share it with the world – it’s under 30 minutes and serves as a nice, short introduction to Sencha Touch:

Ed Spencer Sencha Touch tech talk

The slides are available on slideshare and include the code snippets I presented. The Dribbble example used in the talk is very similar to the Kiva example that ships with the Sencha Touch SDK, so I recommend checking that out if you want to dive in further.

One Response to Sencha Touch tech talk at Pivotal Labs

  1. jacky says:

    hi, Ed Spencer:

    my name is jacky, and i am using your Ext.exporter packet in my project. it is excellent. by i found a problem when i used IE 6.0. it is so slow to create the export button in the ui panel. so you know the problem and how to reslove it??

    thanks !!


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