Ext JS is looking for a QA rockstar

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As part of our ambition of creating the world's best JavaScript framework, we're looking to hire a special somebody to help maintain the high quality of our components.

While we have one eye on implementing new features and improving Ext JS's performance, the other is on making sure what we already have still works well.

This is a difficult job and we need someone smart, focused and well versed in Ext JS. Somebody who will:

  • Use our existing systems to test components as new builds of the library are landed
  • Maintain a strong presence in the forums and be the first to know of any reported issues
  • Respond to bug tickets such as rendering issues and broken functionality
  • Totally own the Quality Assurance of Ext JS - we want your ideas and your initiative as well as your expertise with Ext
  • Liaise with the core team on a daily basis

This is a full-time position, though allowances can be made for the right person. If you think you would enjoy working with Ext JS, and have what it takes to help us keep Ext at the forefront of our field, drop me a private message with the following information:

  • Your name
  • Email address
  • Location (city, country, timezone)
  • All experience with Ext JS
  • Bonus points for links to open source software

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