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Near the end of last week's Sencha Touch 2 beta release blog post there was an appeal to the community to help raise awareness of a nasty flashing issue with Android 4.x phones. Every time you tried to use an animation on a web page the browser would flash, wait a bit, then finally perform the animation.

We filed a ticket on this about a week ago and thanks to your help (over 300 of you starred the issue), got a prompt response from the Android team with a fix for the flashing issue.

Getting it Right

However, that's only half the story. While the ugly flash is gone, animation performance on Android 4.x phones is still unacceptable. As it stands a 2 year old device running Android 2.x easily outruns the top of the range devices today running 4.x.

We really want to have excellent support for all Android devices. While 4.x accounts for only 1% of all Android phones today, that number is only going to go up. And when it does, we want to be ready to ship fast, fluid, beautiful apps onto it.

So we've created a new ticket with reduced, reproducible test cases and filed it to the bug tracker. We'll continue to give the Android team as much support as we can in order to resolve this quickly, but once again we'll need your help.

In fact all we need is a few seconds of your time. Just open the ticket and click the star at the top left. That's all we need - it tells the Android team just how many people care about this issue and will help them prioritize it accordingly.

If you want to help out more, take a moment to add a comment to the ticket outlining your own experiences with this issue, like the developer did. Highlighting specific cases where you've had problems will really help.


Helping raise awareness of this issue will help everyone who uses or develops for Android devices on the web, and enables technologies like Sencha Touch to deliver slick, immersive apps without resorting to rewriting your app for each platform. We appreciate your help!

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