ExtJS Solitaire

Update: We recently released the updated Touch Solitaire for Sencha Touch.

For a bit of fun over Christmas I thought I'd try my hand at writing Solitaire using the ExtJS library. The results of my efforts can be seen over at http://solitaire.edspencer.net.

It's reasonably complete, with the familiar drag and drop moving of cards (and stacks of cards). Most of the interface is custom built, with classes representing Cards, Stacks, the Pack, etc. The main motivation for creating this is to give a real-world example of using Drag and Drop with Ext JS, as documentation for it can be hard to come by. The full source of the game can be found on github, and I encourage people to take a look at and/or improve the code if they wish.

A few stats: the game comes to 1300 lines of code, including generous comments and whitespace. It's 15k minified, and uses a custom Ext build. It took roughly 25 hours to put together, which was mostly spent researching how to use Ext's many D&D classes.

The reason I'm releasing it now is that I'm currently working on a much larger, more exciting open source ExtJS project which I want to concentrate on before releasing. If anyone wants to pick this up feel free to fork the code on Github or get in touch in the comments or in #extjs on IRC.

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